Earthquakes, Oklahoma, 1990-Present Chart

Earthquakes, Oklahoma, 1990-2014

OKLAHOMA earthquakes 1990-2014

Graph of Earthquakes, Oklahoma, United States, 1990-2014, Magnitude 2.0 and Greater.

Are earthquakes increasing in Oklahoma? The graph charts the frequency of earthquakes in Oklahoma between 1990 and 2014.

Verify these statistics at the United States Geological Survey with this location:
Latitude 37.0N — 34.0N, Longitude 100.0W — 94.4W
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In a recent study of the magnitude 5.0 earthquake near Prague, Oklahoma in 2011, the USGS says, “Historically, earthquakes in the central United States have been uncommon. Yet in the year 2011 alone, numerous moderate-size earthquakes occurred in Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio and Arkansas. Many of these earthquakes occurred near waste-water injection wells, and some have been shown to be caused by human activities.” Read more of the study here.

To access the most complete Oklahoma earthquake data, visit the Leonard Observatory catalog at the Oklahoma Geological Survey.